Drones in Construction - January 2017

This Fall, WeaverCooke invested in two Phantom 4 Drones. They have primarily been used at our Twin Lakes job site in Burlington and the Deacon Place job site in Winston-Salem. Drones significantly lower the cost of aerial photography, which saves money for our clients.

However, their video and photo capabilities go well beyond that. A quick flyover can relay a lot of information to a Project Manager or Project Executive who isn’t on site that day. Drones can also be used to quickly and efficiently survey potential job sites. The photos and videos are also compelling marketing pieces that show our capabilities in real time.

Photography and video is only the beginning. The data collected from drones can be merged with the power of 3D modeling software. Although many of the programs are still very new, the technology does exist to turn sensor data from drones into 3D models and topographical maps. It can also be used to measure the stockpiles of resources on site.

Our investment in drones is not just helping us lower the cost of aerial video and photographs. It is an investment into the fast-evolving industry of drone technology, which will play a major role in the future of construction.