Recruiting at North Carolina Schools – October 2016

Recruiting new talent at NC universities

WEAVERCOOKE has experienced tremendous growth in the past couple years, and we have every reason to believe it will continue, or even increase. As our workload increases, our workforce needs to rise to meet the challenge. To achieve that goal, WEAVERCOOKE has started a recruitment program to find talented young people at colleges throughout our area.

This year, we attended career fairs at Appalachian State University, Clemson, East Carolina University, and Western Carolina University. We followed up at each of these schools with an information session for students who visited our table as well as students in the Construction department who were interested in learning more. We had a great turn-out and are excited about the interest students showed in working with our company.

This coming summer, WEAVERCOOKE is planning to offer several paid internship positions to give students a chance to gain some experience working with our company. We will also be attending spring career fairs in 2017 and working with local colleges to create other events to benefit their programs and clubs while allowing students to learn more about WEAVERCOOKE.

For more information about our recruitment and internship programs, please contact Savannah Murphy.